Kaja Kaźmierska (University of Lodz/Poland) Chair of ESA RN03. Director of the Institute of Sociology, University of Lodz, she is an associate professor at the Department of Sociology of Culture. Her publications include Polish War Experiences and Ethnic Identity: An Analysis of Eastern Borderland Narratives (1999). Her book: Biography and Memory: The Generational Experience of the Shoah Survivors was published in the USA (2012). 


Lyudmila Nurse (University of Oxford/ UK), Vice-Chair of ESA RN03. She is currently a Research Fellow at the Department of Education, University of Oxford, UK. As a member of the Oxford research team she is coordinator of qualitativestudies in ISOTIS – an Horizon 2020 project which is being implemented in 10 European countries, focused on culturally and linguistically diverse families and social inequality in modern European societies. Her previous projects include qualitative and biographical studies in European identity projects: “ENRI-East” (EC FP7) and “United States of Europe” (EC Culture Programme) in which she worked on the analysis of families’ cultural reproduction, identities and cultural diversity, ethnic minorities; identities and music, inter-generational comparative analysis. Among her recent publications are: Nurse, L, & O’Neill, M (2017) Biographical Research in the UK: profiles and perspectives in: Lutz, H., Schiebel, M. and E. Tuider (editors) Handbuch Biographieforschung. Springer VS. ; Nurse, L., Gibson, A., and Surányi, R. (2016) Media Consumption and Self-Identification: Hungarian and Slovak case study, in: Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power, Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group. Volume 23, Number 6, pp. 705-724.