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Monday 17th September 2018 9.00-9.30 Room C101 Opening: Kaja Kaźmierska and Lyudmila Nurse 9.30-10.30 Room C101 ◊ Chair: Kaja Kaźmierska Keynote lecture:(…)

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We invite you to participate in workshops organized before conference

Timetable of Workshops on September 15, 2018. Venue: Faculty of Econocmics and Sociology, Building T, Room T006, Rewolucji 1905 r.(…)

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Registration Link

To register for the conference follow this link: http://www.konferencjaes.uni.lodz.pl/wydarzenie/theoretical-and-empirical-reflections-on-social-disorganisation-and-otherness-in-modern-european-societies/211/

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Call for Papers

The conference invites papers that address: Biographical and social experience of migration; contemporary perspective and/or comparison between the past and(…)

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Theoretical and empirical reflections on social disorganisation and “otherness” in modern European societies: Following the biographical and discursive approach of Thomas and Znaniecki’s legacy of “Polish Peasant in Europe and America”

Cultural and social diversity is a feature of modern European societies. Intensive  migration across national borders for work, education and(…)

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