The conference invites papers that address:

Biographical and social experience of migration; contemporary perspective and/or comparison between the past and present phenomenon of migration:

  • attitudes and values as core categories of Thomas and Znaniecki’s work from the perspective of contemporary society, especially the phenomenon of migration;
  • perception of “otherness”.

Polices to address cultural and social diversity (educational policies, social integration policies, migration policies, other?)

Theoretical developments on “otherness” and social and individual disorganization in contemporary society

  • wishes and motivations in the perspective of modernisation

Application of biographical methods to the studies of the other in:

  • everyday practices
  • public and private sphere: family, education, health, work place
  • the justice system, government, public services
  • artistic and visual representation of the “other”
  • poverty
  • religious and secular
  • gender

Ethical aspects of biographical studies and text analysis, differences between past and contemporary text hermeneutics.

Methodological approaches to study “otherness”:

  • Innovative methods
  • New areas of inter-disciplinary research
  • Potential and traps of re-analysis

The organisers are also open to proposals from outside these fields.